St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Corn beef brisket simmered for 8 hours. It was so tender. The carrots, potatoes and cabbage were simmered in the same pot after the corned beef was removed. They absorbed the flavor of the broth. A very good dinner.


Borscht is beef and vegetable soup we typically make during the winter. We start by browning chuck steak pieces and then add our own home made beef stock, puréed garden grown tomatoes and then carrots, cabbage, onions, celery and finally roasted beets. It's served with a table spoon of sour cream in the bowl and crusty bread


Roasted Duck Dinner

Roasted duck dinner with duck gravy (deglaze the roaster with a little water, make a blonde roux with the duck fat and mix together with milk, salt and black pepper - yum! ), mushrooms, steamed asparagus and salad.

Coq Au Riesling

A French classic Coq a Vin, in France is often made with white wine and the most common rendition comes from Alsace and features the local white wine, Riesling.


Chicken legs and thighs marinated in our own special jerk chicken recipe (orange and lime juice, fresh habanero, serrano and jalapeño peppers, spices, etc..), cooked indirectly over charcoal, beans and rice and tomato salad from the garden