International Orders

We can ship trees and cuttings to many places all over the world including Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.  We can always be reached at frenchfigfarm@gmail.com

International Shipping

We are now offering DHL shipping for our international customers orders

Importation basics:

Phytosanitary Certificate:

This is the document we will ship with the plant cuttings (for propagation) or with live plants that says they have been inspected and meet the requirements of the country receiving the shipment.

Import Permit:

Many countries require that the customer obtain an Import Permit from their Department of Agriculture and send it to us. Our  Department of Agriculture in the United States will then write a Phytosanitary Certificate based on the information on that Import Permit. We will send both, the Phytosanitary Certificate AND the Import Permit with the plants.

Many countries do not require an Import Permit. However most require a Phytosanitary Certificate.