See what our customers have to say about our trees and our service

Good morning,
I wanted to let you know that my order arrived this morning. The Battaglia fig tree is wonderful and exceeds my expectations. It even has several figs on it. I can’t thank you enough for a spectacular tree. It is obvious that you take great pride in growing fig trees. Best regards,
— L.P.
It looks GORGEOUS! Thank you!
— L.M.
Hello Richard. In this message I want to sincerely thank you for the beautiful trees that I bought from you! I am very grateful to you for your services and wish you and your family God’s blessings. May you always have success in your business !!! Sincerely and with great respect to you!
— S.M.
Dear Rich,
I received 4 of my trees today. They are AMAZING!!! Packed with care and grown strong.
You guys have truly exceeded my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled with my trees. They are an incredible value and I think I am going to order some more.
If I can possibly do anything to help your business please let me know. I would love to pay back the care that you gave to my trees. They are absolutely beautiful.

Warmest regards,
— E.B.
My plant arrived safe and sound. Very beautifully grown tree. Im very happy with it.
— P.C.
Thank you and I’ll be definitely buying more from you. You have an awesome selection of figs.
— O.S.
Received my cuttings. They look awesome and very healthy.
— M.A.
Hey Rich!
Got the Calderona tree today! It traveled well and looks fantastic!
Thank you so much!
— A.D.
Wow...the fig tree looks amazing!!! It was all worth the wait! I just wanted to say thank you for being patient and always being so responsive to my emails.
— K.Y.
Thank Rich! The fig tree arrived on Monday and looks great! It even has a few figs on it. Extremely pleased!!!
— J.W.
Fig tree arrived. Beautiful.
Thank you.
Will recommend.
— E.R.
Rich, I’m not one to kiss ass or anything but I have to tell you this, once again you’ve out done yourself. The La Bourgeois cuttings look excellent. Just so good looking. The Gross Monstruese de Lipari look awsome too. Fantastic looking cuttings. I can’t wait to get them going. I’ve bought cuttings from many people and the French Fig Farm’s tops all of them.
— C.S.
Richard, I received my Ronde de Bordeaux here in Seattle the other day. I think it is the nicest, biggest, healthiest fig I have ever bought retail. I like it ! Thanks.
— Keith
It was a pleasure doing business with someone who was so passionate and knowledgeable about his products and was willing to go the extra yard to spend time on the phone discussing the different varieties of trees, will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
— M.F.
Rich…Received the Black Madeira 4 foot tree and WOW!!! What a specimen! Worth every dollar. You will be getting more orders from me. I am beyond happy!!!
Thank you so very very much!
— R.L.
Taking some time from a busy day to put into words a thank you note to all in your organization.

I would be hard pressed to find a company like French Fig Farm that can deliver a quality product such as the two robust fig plants that received today. The fig trees that received can easily justify the cost. I compare the plants received to what can be purchased at sites such as eBay or even locally. There is no comparison. The trees are extremely healthy with a root ball that one can tell has been nurtured. The shipping department should be recognized for outstanding work. Both plants received perfectly. Thanks to everyone for making this buying experience so enjoyable. Also appreciate the extra effort by sending emails that answered questions to making sure we were happy with the purchases. So looking forward to the deliveries in 2017.
— SC, Southport, NC
It arrived at my house in great condition. You guys grew a very healthy looking tree.
— C.R
All of the figs listed look so wonderful so it’s difficult to choose only a few.
— S.C.
..... tons of massive growth which I’m very happy about, I just got 3 massive air layers off one Col de Dama Rimada.
— S.F.
I am a repeat customer from last year (Frank’s Salerno) and appreciate the quality of your fig trees, so thank you and looking forward to this one too!
— R.P.
I really appreciate knowing someone who sells such high quality trees (who also gives me growing tips)......I think very highly of you & would recommend French Fig Farm to anyone looking for a great fig tree in a heartbeat
— J.D.
I just wanted to let you know that the dormant Col de Dame you sent has already broken bud and is leafing. It’s been up potted into it’s new home of a 25 gallon container and I’m looking forward to getting lots of fruit later this summer.
— R.W.