Brazilian Hotdogs

The hotdogs you buy when you are in the beach towns of Brazil often have mashed potatoes, corn, tomatoes, onion, mustard mayonnaise and parmesan cheese as condoments.

Spring Grilling

We made rib steaks grilled over charcoal on Sunday and we had a very good salad with home made Dijon mustard based dressing Mari created. The broccoli rabe was steamed and finished with garlic and butter. We roasted the beets and chilled them. Then they were topped with a chopped dill dressing that Mari created as well.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Corn beef brisket simmered for 8 hours. It was so tender. The carrots, potatoes and cabbage were simmered in the same pot after the corned beef was removed. They absorbed the flavor of the broth. A very good dinner.